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Shade-a-Babe 'Zip n Go' Black

Shade-a-Babe 'Zip n Go' Black (inc. storage pouch)

Shade-a-Babe 'Zip n Go' Black (inc. storage pouch)

Shade-a-Babe to fit most major brands of single three or four wheeled pushchairs, buggies, strollers & prams.

Designed to fit over a standard forward facing seat NOT a Car Seat or Carrycot/Pram attachment, the pushchair must have a standard sun canopy/hood to be able to fit a Shade-a-Babe.

If you need Sun Protection for a carrycot, pram or rear facing seat then the Sleep Pod may be a better option

Black UV Screen still allows the child to see out, additional glare shield and fold back UPF50+ sun visor providing variable protection levels to body and eyes - adjustable as you choose.

SOFT MESH 'Zip n Go' design with easy zip access front panel - no need to refit the shade each time to put your baby in the pushchair - just 'Zip n Go' !

The Shade-a-Babe pushchair sun shade reduces UV allowing you a longer time in the sunReduces harmful UV exposure
  • Fold down Visor UPF50+ (98% UV reduction)
  • Top section Glare Shield UPF10 (90% UV reduction)
  • Lower section UPF3 (70% UV reduction)

Enough light enters the Shade-a-Babe for the child to see out, but very little light enters and then escapes which can give you the impression that it is darker than inside than it really is !Child can still see out
The 'Zip n Go' Shade-a-Babe has an easy access front panel avoiding the need to refit the shade each time when you put your baby into the pushchairEasy access front panel, just 'Zip n Go'
The Shade-a-Babe also acts as an insect net and cat netInsect Net & Cat Net
The Shade-a-Babe pushchair sun shadeshields your child from the wind on blustery daysShields from blustery winds
The Shade-a-Babe buggy sun shade gives protection from light showersProtects against light showers
The Shade-a-Babe stroller sun shade fits easily over the sun canopy and is secured to the pushchair with velcro strapsEasy to fit over sun canopy
The length of the Shade-a-Babe pushchair sun shade can be adjusted to suit your pushchairAdjustable length
A Shade-a-Babe is ideal for that holiday in the sunIdeal for your holiday in the sun
The Shade-a-Babe is designed for forward facing seats and may not fit well on strollers with rear facing seatsmay not fit well on strollers with rear facing seats
Note. This product cannot replace responsible adult supervision to prevent sunburn or overheating. You should check for signs of burning at regular intervals, face the pushchair away from direct sunlight and ensure adequate ventilation when parked up, adjust clothing and use sun creams as appropriate.

Total Price 35.95 (including delivery and VAT at 20%)

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